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Coin finds

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Updates (20/3/2019)

A new edition of the Inventories of coin finds is available in the Downloads section

Lecture (19/5/2018)

Applying Statistics and Computer Science to the study of big coin finds: an engineering approach, «Too big to study?», Trieste May 17th-19th 2018  (programme - 1.71 MB | presentation - 3.23 MB)

Lecture (20/4/2018)

Nelle tasche del "mercenario". Il ritrovamento del Colle del Teodulo (monete dei secoli XV-XVII), «Centro Culturale Numismatico Milanese», Milan April 17th 2018 (programme - 155 kB | presentation - 5.49 MB)

Updates (30/11/2017)

The book Die Geldbörse des «Söldners» vom Theodul-Pass (VS) - Il ripostiglio del «mercenario» del Colle del Teodulo (VS)) (Inventar der Fundmünzen der Schweiz 11) co-authored with J. Diaz Tabernero has been awarded the "NIP-Tevere" award 2017, promoted by the Numismatici Italiani Professionisti association

Lecture (8/5/2017)

A web portal for the inventory of coin finds, «The 6th Joint Meeting of and ECFN 2017», Copenhagen May 4th-6th 2017 (programme - 38 kB | presentation - 1.64 MB)

New publication (15/3/2017)

Le «mercenaire du col du Théodule» (Zermatt / Suisse): une découverte glaciaire des années 1600, «Bulletin d’Études Préhistoriques et Archéologiques Alpines» 27 (2016), pp. 263-276, co-authored with S. Providoli, A. Alterauge, H. Grabner, S. Lösch, N. Moghaddam, M. Senn, J. Diaz Tabernero, S. Ulrich-Bochsler, M. Volken, S. Volken (download - 9,68 MB)