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Luca Gianazza

Independent researcher in Numismatics

News & Updates

8 July 2022


Lecture The coinage of the Kingdom of Italy from Louis II to Berengar II (855-961): a reappraisal, XVI International Numismatic Congress, Warsaw, 11-16 September 2022
(Session 61. Early Middle Ages 1. Merovingians & Carolingians – Auditorium Maximum, Hall C – 9.00-10.30 a.m.)


1 April 2022

Eligivs 3.0 now available online

Nearly two decades after its launch, the Eligivs database has been redesigned.
The new version 3.0 is now online with new features and comprehensive web-based management of its data


21 March 2022


A new edition of the exports from the Inventory of Coin Finds project is available on-line


26 February 2022

New publication

The coinage of the Kingdom of Italy under Charlemagne (773/4–814): a reassessment, Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau 99 (2021), 63-116


1 December 2021

New publication

La zecca di Desana durante l’occupazione francese (1515-1529): una contestualizzazione, Revue Numismatique 178 (2021), 343-79

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