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Coinage of the Kingdom of Italy

Coinage of the Kingdom of Italy

A reassessment of the coinage of the Regnum Italiae from Charlemagne to Berengar II with Adalbert of Italy (773/4-961)

This project aims to reassess the coinage of Regnum Italiae between the Carolingian conquest (773/4) and the coronation of Otto I of Saxony (961). The need arose while working on the first volume of the catalog of coins of Milan kept in the collection of Victor Emmanuel III of Savoy at the Museo Nazionale Romano. On that occasion, it was realized that the reference publications were obsolete, there were conflicts of opinion between authors, and inadequate attention had been paid to coin finds, particularly single finds.

Therefore, a research project was started with the aim of taking an objective inventory of all data related to known coins, both in public and private collections, and monetary finds to have an up-to-date and reliable dataset from which more specific studies could be carried out.

Data have been collected on 4,600+ coins and 440+ finds, many of which are still unpublished. All these coins have been reclassified, reorganized chronologically, and filed in special records. A specific font has been developed for the transcription of legends, which can reproduce the gliphs effectively. Ideally, these records will serve as the basis for the creation of a corpus of the coins of Regnum Italiae, the publication of which represents the long-term goal of this research.

All coin finds are recorded in the Inventory of Coin Finds project and available online here.


Authored books

Museo Nazionale Romano. The numismatic collection of king Victor Emmanuel III of Savoy. The Carolingian Age: from Charlemagne to Lothair I (773-855)

Museo Nazionale Romano. The numismatic collection of king Victor Emmanuel III of Savoy. From Louis II to Berengar II with Adalbert (855-961)


Edited books


Swiss and Italian Monetary Relations. The Early Middle Ages (VI-XI centuries). Proceedings of the International Numismatic Workshop. Lugano, September 29th 2018


Other publications

The Zuidbarge and Zuidlaren hoards of 1860 and the Italian coinage of the late ninth century, The Numismatic Chronicle 183 (2023), 259-96 (with S. Coupland, F. Huisman and O. Florisson)

The coinage of the Kingdom of Italy under Charlemagne (773/4–814): a reassessment, Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau 99 (2021), 63-116 (read)

The context of the Szeged-Öthalom find: Carolingian coins in Hungarian graves and comparable coins in other contemporary hoards, in A. Türk, G. Lorinczy and A. Marcsik (eds.), Régészeti és természettudományi adatok a Maros-torkolat nyugati oldalának 10. századi történetéhez [Archäologische Daten und naturwissenschaftliche Ergebnisse zur Geschichte des 10. Jahrhunderts des westlichen Ufers der Muresch-Mündung] (Studia ad Archaeologiam Pazmaniensia 4; Budapest, 2015), 301-24 (with S. Coupland) (read)

Un denaro inedito a nome di Ugo di Arles “imperatore”, Rivista Italiana di Numismatica e Scienze Affini 117 (2016), 55-70 (with A. van Herwijnen) (read)


Congress presentations

XVI International Numismatic Congress, Warsaw, September 11th-16th 2022. Paper titled The coinage of the Kingdom of Italy from Louis II to Berengar II (855-961): a reappraisal (view presentation)