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Inventory of Coin Finds

Inventory of Coin Finds

A Shared Effort for a Common Need

The remarkable amount of data, usually dispersed in several books and local journals, affects negatively the study of coin finds.

The web portal guarantees a free access area where anyone – after subscribing – can both enter new data, and correct or integrate records already stored.

The idea is to provide minimal information about coin finds and the related bibliography, without any pretension of completeness or homogeneity, based on a collaborative approach.

The portal consists of areas dedicated to the recording of data related to any coin find and of a list of publications presenting the coin finds, with a short abstract. It includes search pages, areas for the draft records and specific sections for the general administration of the data (available to approvers and administrators only).

Each section proposes a list of the records currently submitted. Basic filtering and sorting are allowed by acting on the drop-down lists and the table headers. The details for each record are available by clicking on the corresponding row. Each find, or paper, is stored into an autonomous, fully-informative record, with a fixed record id.

Editing or approval can be done by clicking on the buttons displayed at the top of the page.

Data can be entered in any language (Italian, English, French, German and Spanish are preferred), with no constraints about their completeness. The portal is based on “text-only” management of the information, using markups to implement simple modifications of the font style.

The extreme flexibility and capacity of the portal easily allow a massive exchange of data with other archives or DBMSs via Microsoft Excel/Access/Sharepoint, XML/RDF or CSV files. The complete dataset stored in the portal is available in periodical PDF reports that can be re-distributed under license CC BY 4.0.

The portal currently stores the data related to 10,500+ coin finds and 5,500+ bibliographic records, mainly related to Italian numismatics of Medieval and Modern times. The archive is accessible on-line on this website.


Introduction to the project and Guidelines for data entry

A collaborative inventory of coin finds: introduction and guidelines (view presentation)


Congress presentations and posters

The 6th Joint Meeting of and ECFN 2017, Copenhagen, May 4th-6th 2017. Paper titled A web portal for the inventory of coin finds (view presentation)

XV International Numismatic Congress, Taormina, September 21st-25th 2015. Poster A collaborative inventory of coin finds (view poster | read paper)